List By Editing Defaults All Layers On

Discussion created by swtocco on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2019 by john_jones-esristaff

I'm currently running into issues with edit sessions.  Unlike ArcMap, where you had to choose which layers you wanted to edit, ArcGIS Pro defaults every layer in a project to be editable.  As this makes it easy for a single user, multiple users of a project that want to edit separate layers can potentially lock each other out of editing depending on who started editing first.  Does ESRI have intentions to default the List by Editing layers checked off?  Otherwise, I have to go to each individual low level user to have them turn off the layers they don't want to edit each time we start a new project or add a new layer. This could save me a lot of headaches if they could learn how to get in the practice of choosing what layer they want to edit instead of it being automatically available for them to edit at anytime and that could only happen if they were defaulted off for editing. 


Does anyone have solutions or workflows (besides versioning) to suggest?