Survey123 Inbox Map - pinpoint icon issue

Discussion created by JENKINGA on Feb 15, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by JENKINGA

Has anyone else experienced issues with the icons in the Inbox Map of Survey123?  


Problem: I am experiencing issues where a user will save an item from their Inbox for later (Outbox) and the pins on the map with disappear and/or flip to an orange color.  I have experienced this issue on iPad (Pro, iOS 12.1.4), iPhone (7s, 12.1.4), and Android (Samsung Galaxy S9+, version 9) using Survey123 version 3.2.265.  This is happening both while online (cellular) or offline.


Workaround: user clicks back out of Inbox and re-enters the Inbox List and/or Map to show the items again.


Other Information: Inbox items are between 10-100 items for each user.  My local test was with 50 items.


Does anyone have any insights about this issue?