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Orthomapping Workspace: creation of camera model failed

Question asked by mgarcia59 on Feb 15, 2019

I am having difficulty creating an orthomapping workspace with photos collected with a DJI P4 RTK in ArcMap Pro 2.1.0. I keep receiving the Error: Creation of frame camera model failed.


I am assuming this may be due to arcmap's database of camera models and their respective framing information.The camera model, FC6310R, is not present in ArcMap's camera model drop down menu within the New Ortho Mapping Workspace prompt. 


I am hoping to locate the camera files in (CAM, CSV, or TXT format) containing the affine parameters (principle points, Konrady, and Decentering) so that i may manually input them.


I've seen this question on here a handful of times but have not seen any resolution. Is anyone else using a DJI P4 RTK and the orthomapping workspace successfully?