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Updating an existing survey record status with a timestamp - what's the best survey structure?

Question asked by jparkhill_FHI on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2019 by jparkhill_FHI

Hi there,


There is a requirement to timestamp an "incident's" status change in order to keep track of the the length of time it took to resolve the incident from start to finish. Many different incidents may occur at the same time, and can remain 'open' for varying lengths of time.  


What is a recommended way of setting up the form to capture the timstamped sequence, and not overwrite existing record data?


Instead of creating a new survey point, the thought is to leverage the "Edit and resend survey" functionality via the Sent Inbox.



Already tried:

- Repeats: The begin/end repeat looks clumsy and is not intuitive for displaying the current status and changing that status to the next step. Maybe there are some tricks with the use of appearance and relevant that could make this more user friendly?


- Unique fields for each status timestamp: unfortunately the Update overwrites existing values with nulls. New status, has a timestamp of New_datetime, Resolved has a timestamp of Resolved_datetime. If the Newdatetime value isn't carried through, it is updated with a null value when the resolved status is chosen. Is there a way to carry the values through?


This is very challenging to describe! But I would be greatly appreciative for any suggestions.