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Is it possible to have a series of fixed maps inside Shortlist Story Map?

Question asked by YTCMark on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by MStewart-esristaff

I represent a youth group with several locations. Each location has a need to tell their story of impact, locally, nationally and globally. I have been tasked with a rebranding effort in order to show our agency's footprint in order to attract more donors. I am experimenting with the idea that each club is represented by a Shortlist Builder embedded into either a Cascade or Map Journal. My first tab's map inside Shortlist Builder shows the impact inside Evanston Township High School itself, so the icons are clustered. The second tab's map shows organizations within 5 miles of the high school from Skokie to Chicago who received donations from the group. The third tab's map lists services provided to the local community. Then it gets even more tricky. The group has made donations and visits to two sites in New Orleans, some in  North Carolina, a few to Durango Mexico, and very soon an orphanage in El Salvador. If I can fix the map to static, I can host s series of Shortlist Builders for each program that tells their story quickly. These out of the area donations don't really work without being able to change the base map location