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Ever want to take a quick, deep-dive into a map found in your students’ textbooks? Ever want to use a web-based map to bring that static, print map to life? Maybe the map you’re using would be better with interactive or near real-time data. Enter the new Earth Science GeoInquiries! Earth Science GeoInquiries from Esri are instructional resources designed for the U.S. middle school Earth Science classroom. Each Earth Science geoinquiry takes about 15 minutes, ties to the Next Generation Science Standards, and is based on map concepts found in the leading textbooks used in schools today. GeoInquiries are content-forward, teaching Earth science concepts first – and using ArcGIS Online maps and data to enhance that instruction, taking student engagement and inquiry deeper than they would experience with the text alone.


While this article is dated, it continues to describe some of the conceptual underpinning of Esri GeoInquiries.  The article is from NCGE's The Geography Teacher.


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