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Measuring Distance in 3D

Question asked by ep9k_uvalibrary on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by ep9k_uvalibrary

I've got tracking data from a bird's flight path. Each point as an x,y location and altitude. We want to track the distance the bird has flown. The challenge here is we are measuring distance in 3 dimensions, as the altitude is a factor. The bird doesn't only fly in a linear path, but flies up and down, in loops, circles, etc.


First, should we be working in ArcGlobe?  Because we are measuring in 3 dimensions? 


A few tools we looked at unsuccessfully include: 

Generate Near Table

Near 3D

Measure Tool in 3D - This actually does what we want except there are about 6000 points. So measuring all of them by hand is not an option.


Thank you for any help.