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Where is getSpecificationTypes for DictionaryStyles?

Question asked by kirkKuykendall on Feb 8, 2019

Hi -


The remarks section for DictionaryStyle openasync says:

Use getSpecificationTypes function to get a string list of all the supported specifications.

However my search turns up nothing.

Where is this function? and assuming it exists how would it generate a list? 

If I ever manage to create a non-military Dictionary stylx file, where would I put it so that I could open async works?

Incidentally OpenAsync(filepath) fails, so I must use OpenAsync(specificationType, filePath), which means I'd need to register a specType for my stylx.

I still have no response on my question in the Pro forum on creating a non-military stylx.


Is there a db design spec for DictionaryStyles? If so, could I generate it without using Pro?