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Turning off tile cache

Question asked by stolba on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2019 by stolba

Dear all,


I am implementing a custom tile layer using ServiceImageTiledLayer because of some custom tile parameters we need to take into account. The problem is that when I incorporate the new parameters into the tile URL in tileUrlCallback, the tiles are already cached and thus does not update (if I zoom in or pan to a new area, the tiles are loaded with the correct new parameters).


Is there a way to reload the whole layer? Or is there a way to disable the cache so that ServiceImageTiledLayer is requesting the tiles always again? I was thinking about setting the cache size to 0, but I cannot find how. I only found the "esri.mapping.cache.disk.size" of the Esri QLocation plugin, but I am not using the plugin, I am using the ArcGIS Runtime. Is there a way to set this (or similar) property?


Any help would be greatly appreciated,