Georeferencing bugs in ArcGIS Pro

Discussion created by kclark_Angler Champion on Feb 7, 2019
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Hello Geonet!

Has anyone else had issues with georeferencing images in ArcGIS Pro? It's something I do on an almost daily basis in ArcMap, and I keep attempting to switch my workflow to ArcGIS Pro to practice using the software since I know Esri is planning on transitioning completely to Pro. 


However, I find the experience to be so buggy that I can't even complete this simple task. After fitting an image to display, I try to pan around and my cursor is stuck on the rotate function, no matter which button on my mouse I click. If I change the transparency of the layer with the ribbon and then use the L keyboard shortcut to turn the layer off/on, the transparency doesn't save and it always goes back to 0%. However, if I turn the layer off/on in the TOC it seems to stick. 


The biggest offender is that when I try to set a control point, once again my cursor is stuck on the rotate function. This has happened so often that I frequently can't georeference the image at all. On my most recent attempt, after several minutes somehow it seemed to change (though I have no idea what caused that to happen) and I was able to set a few control points, but then I opened the control point table and once again the pan function didn't seem to work using either my mouse or the C keyboard shortcut. 


After enough frustration I went back to ArcMap for a completely smooth process and had several images georeferenced in less than five minutes. 


Just want to know if I'm alone in this experience or if there are others who share my frustration? I am eager to embrace ArcGIS Pro and the changes that Esri is promoting, but I can't do this if I can't even complete simple workflows such as this.


Thanks for any thoughts or input!