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Canvas vs SVG in 4.10 API

Question asked by maddog56 on Feb 6, 2019
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I have been away for a while (6 or 7 years) but lately have been busy writing JavaScript viewers and much has transpired in those years.  I am migrating a JS viewer from 3.27 to 4.10 and was migrating my custom 3.27 swipe widget to 4.10 and ran into a brick wall with regard to the use of a Canvas in 4.10 in lieu of SVG from the 3.27. Looking at the ESRI swipe widget in 3.27 it made heavy use of a layer's domNode because of the use of SVG. Why canvas? Is it superior to SVG? It just seems like a blob of dumb pixels to me, can't do much with it. Please enlighten me!