Am I the only one with broken/mismatched Select and Explore tools

Discussion created by chmapper on Feb 7, 2019
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Whenever I'm using either the Select or Explore tools to navigate and select feature, ArcGIS Pro 2.3 will switch and/or break the functionality.  This was rare in 2.2, but now it breaks within 5 minutes of opening the software--every time.



1. click Select tool

2. select a feature

3. click somewhere in any open attribute table.  The selected tool change to the Measure tool

4. click the map

5. now the select tool pans the map


The mouse cursor is still the Select tool, until I click on the map, where it will change to the closed hand cursor until I release the mouse button.  It only pans the map, as I still have to select Explore if I want to identify features.  Even though the Measure tool appears to be selected at this point, you cannot measure anything.


To Return to Normal:

0. the Clear button clears the selection, but does not fix the situation

1. click the Select tool again to select features or the Explore to identify features


To Measure features:

1. click either the Select or Explore tool to reset the bug

2. click the Measure tool




Sometimes, when I'm using the Explore tool, it suddenly starts selecting features instead of panning the map.  This is less common, and I don't have a specific use case to recreate it, but it's still related and worth mentioning.


Kory Kramer