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Gauges not showing correct reference when grouped

Question asked by NDierks@BoxElder on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2019 by NDierks@BoxElder

I've been having some difficulty with gauges in my dashboard. When ungrouped, they would occasionally show incorrect visual references when the dash was first loaded, but corrected themselves after a refresh. While grouped (shift+click+drag), they consistently show incorrect references, despite displaying correctly while still in the dashboard editing interface.


Below are two examples from the editing interface, showing how they're supposed to look. These gauges are grouped together in the dashboard. The progress-style gauge on the right has the same thresholds as the one the left (green, yellow, orange, red, every 25%).

Gauges as seen while editing dashboard, showing correct values


Below is how these same gauges appear in the dashboard after it's saved and accessed directly. Even though the correct number is being shown, the visual reference is incorrect. The meter-style gauge always defaults to 0, while the progress-style gauge defaults to 50% while showing an incorrect threshold color. Unlike when they were ungrouped, no amount of refreshing the dashboard will correct the data shown on these gauges.

Gauges as seen directly in the saved dashboard, showing incorrect values

Is this a bug? Is someone else able to reproduce this?