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error initializing [web] form but working in iOS App

Question asked by ba6yd1n0 on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by ba6yd1n0

I have created a new survey in survey123 that pulls data from 2 csv files (that have no extra rows in them). I am able to open the survey in the Survey123 application but when trying to open the survey in the web form, which is how it will be used, i receive "Error: Initializing Form... Failed to load data from"


I've doubled checked everything i can find to double check and am fresh out of idea.


I have 1 csv that is used to prepopulate localities names in my area, which also has the region they're assigned to as well as their centroids. I am using this file to populate a hidden field to assign their region and well as trying to prepopulate the geopoint coordinates.


the 2nd csv file has specifics for shelters, name, address, and several other collected points. I do not have information for every locality so I have a choice field that pulls the locality they specified at the beginning and allows them to prepopulate the rest of the fields if they want to update values or they can enter brand new information.