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[Enrich Data Bug?] Only pulling first 25 rows of data

Question asked by doug.harrington_FRWD on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by SChavez-esristaff

I'm running into a recent issue with the new v5.0 where when enriching data, it is only adding data for the first 25 rows.


I've tested this a few times -- in one instance I have a table of 210 DMAs and I'm trying to enrich with population it only fills the first 25 rows (yet I am using credits for all 210). Same with a test sample of zip codes. I have 100 zip codes, it will only populate enriched columns with the first 25 rows before cutting out.


Even more bizarely, in those 25 rows the tool does seem to be cycling through all my queried rows and apparently rewriting over the first 25 (IE: row 25 will say [first number] and then a few seconds later show a new [second number], and then a new [third number] as if the tool was rewriting all the data.)


PC / Win 10 / 64bit 5.0 / Excel v16.0.4738.1000