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How do you organize your City data?

Question asked by avanderpas_Lewiston on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2019 by avanderpas_Lewiston

I am looking for sample geodatabase schemas for Cities.  I am reorganizing our gis data as we move to enterprise.  I haven't found any documentation with suggested organization.  I have looked at the local government information model, but this doesn't work.  It is difficult to work with and manage data when it is contained in one geodatabase.  I am considering using workflow and data reviewer so I know there are some considerations for these. 

Below are some questions for those that manage City data:

What feature classes are considered authoritative for Cities? I have seen lists for States but nothing for Cities.  Or I am looking in the wrong place.

Do you use separate geodatabases for different functions ie. water, wastewater, parks and rec, fire, police?

In your geodatabases do you use feature datasets?

How do you manage reference data? Do you push it to portal?

Do you use a staging server and a production server?  

I am very interested in snapshots of how your data is organized.