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Troubleshooting & additional application logging at 5.0

Question asked by AngusHooper on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by SChavez-esristaff

We have recently upgraded to Maps for Office 5.0 (from 4.1) and our initial testing has hit some issues with sharing layers and/or maps. Are there any mechanisms to log further information from the product or general troubleshooting guidelines?


The current behaviour is that the layer/map hits 20% when sharing before an error of "the map could not be shared {"log":"false"}" appears. The underlying hosting server & datastore FINE logs indicate no issues and even suggest that the publishing was a success. When you attempt to access the hosted feature layer, the table has no records or fields.


As the same dataset can be added to Portal via the 2D map, my content or using 4.1 without any issues, we are currently pointing the finger at M4O 5.0.