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How do I make an ArcGIS Pro Add-In appear by default for every user of a shared PC?

Question asked by Andrew.Rudin@austintexas.gov_austin on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by Andrew.Rudin@austintexas.gov_austin

I'm setting up a shared PC with ArcGIS Pro, sort of like a computer lab PC.  I have an Add-In that I want to be turned on by default for every new user that logs in and starts up Pro.


First I placed the add-in in a folder on the PC all users can access.  Then when I logged into Pro I was able to go to Project->Add-In Manager->Options, then choose "add folder..." and point to that folder.


Now that I've done the work to set that up, is there a way to make that add-in folder applied permanently for all Pro users on that machine?