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Generate token for Geocoding service into Portal

Question asked by DEVAPPGIS on Feb 3, 2019

Hi at all,

my organization have aa AGOL account and ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 (Portal with ArcGIS Server Federated).

I have seen this guide

of ArcGIS to generate token to use for all service into AGOL, in our case Geocoding Service.

In this guide the example request clientId and client_secret for token request.

In our Portal architecture, we have a geocoding service that uses a custom composite locator. Now into the Portal to generate token and use geocoding service, I don't have clientId and client_secret, correct? Or i can use this process also into the portal?

Generally to use service using portal we generate a token by 


using named user credential.

Is correct this process, or is possible to use the same process of the first link also into Portal? How?