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Trouble publishing web layer from Pro to AGOL when using contingent values

Question asked by deleted-user-W9CkFLpqb-lQ on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by rozekc_washtenaw

Hi there, I'm fairly new to the GIS world, so please forgive me for any ignorance.

Essentially what I'm attempting to do is create a collector app to acquire data for different types of road damages (e.g.,  throughout the County. 

What I want is for certain fields to have contingent values based upon the user's selection of a road stress. For example, when a user selects "pothole" as a road stress I want a drop-down list of sizes for the pothole to appear for the user to select (i.e., 12', 18", 24", etc.). I don't want this for every field selectionjust potholes.

I've included some screenshots. Unfortunately the error message I get back when trying to publish is pretty vague and not much help. 

I've tested and made sure I can publish that same feature class as a web layer when I DON'T have contingent values associated with it. But as soon as I add them, I get an error and am unable to publish.

Hopefully this makes some sense. Thank you advance for your help!