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Population Density with graduated colors isn't reflected in map

Question asked by cheesypoofs_ on Jan 31, 2019
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I'm using ArcMap 10.3.1, 180-day trial version, to do a population density per square mile map with graduated colors but instead of getting a map with different colors for the different classes, my entire map is all one color and it's the color for the lowest value class.  I checked the histogram and there are values for the other break points but it's not reflected in the map. 

Here's what I did:
  1. Using Census Block Group data, I added a column to the layer's attribute table, called it "SqMiles" and set the type to Float.
  2. On the attribute table, for the new column, I right-clicked and selected "Calculate Geometry", set Property to "Area" and Units to "Square Miles".
  3. For Layer Properties, Symbology tab, Quantities > Graduated Colors, I set the value field to "Population 2010" and Normalization field to "SqMiles" (the column that Calculate Geometry populated).
Attached are my results.  The map should have multiple colors but instead has just one color.  If anyone has the "GISTutorial 2" book by David Allen, I'm following the directions on pages 110 - 113.
I tried checking online for solutions, zooming the map, adding the SqMiles column data type as Double, changing the number of classes, clearing ArcMap's cache, restarting my laptop, checking with ESRI that my trial license covers Spatial Analyst (it does) but I'm still getting all yellow instead of different colors for the different population densities.  Any suggestions?

Many thanks!