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can I use a single symbol for varying attributes

Question asked by mkhenson on Jan 31, 2019

I've got a surveyor locating water valves, and fire hydrants, PRV's, etc......All of these attributes are in the same file. I have converted his file to a GIS Shapefile.  His descripters are something like "WV 2 INCH", WV 6 INCH", PRV 4 INCH, PRV 8 INCH.  I would like for my symbology to to show all WV's the same, all PRV's the same. So is there a way when setting up the symbology to use 1 symbol for all WV descriptors?  I was hoping that I could use a wildcard for the descriptor, like *WV*, so all attributes with WV in it would display the same. This is hard to describe in text, I think I am making it worse by typing . Anyway, I have attached a graphic to show the issue. I'd appreciate anyone taking a look. Notice in the graphic....I would like all the similar items to appear the same. All PRV's, All PS's, All WV's. symbology screen clip