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ArcGIS Enterprise, Collector: unable to download offline maps in iOS and Android

Question asked by ByronTsang on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by ByronTsang

I have a newly-created map in our ArcGIS Enterprise Portal, which has been enabled for offline use with Collector for ArcGIS. I am able to view and edit these in Collector while connected, but I am unable to download these maps for offline use in either the android or the iOS version of the apps.

In response to suggestions in other posts, I downloaded new, fresh copies of the app on both operating systems just in case. However the problem still persists.


in the iOS version before updating, the app threw a "credential required" alert but would not accept my ArcGIS Enterprise login (see image 1). After updating, it simply says "download failed" (see image 2).


Meanwhile, in Android, the error is more informative, indicating an invalid token was used (see image 3).


Finally, I have double-checked to confirm that indeed, the map itself has been authorized for offline mode on ArcGIS Online (picture 4).


Any suggestions would be most welcome.