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Difficulties with Selection Layers

Question asked by sraretail on Jan 31, 2019



I am trying to work with some selection layers in ArcGIS Pro.  I downloaded the Census Blocks layer from the Portal (Census2010/Tracts_Blocks (MapServer) ) and created several selection layers from this data.  I am trying to merge the blocks so that each layer ends up as one single polygon, and then upload these layers into Business Analyst Online so they can be used as a custom boundary to make reports.


I am having difficulty performing several operations on these selection layers:


1.  The option under Data>>Export Features and Data>>Export Table are greyed out

2.  The option under Modify Features>>Merge>>Existing Feature says the destination layer type cannot be merged

3.  The option under Modify Features>>Merge>>New Feature says that a feature template is required (despite the fact that a feature template exists)

4.  The option under Sharing>>Save As Web Layer is greyed out.


I have tried going to Sharing>>Save As Layer File, and adding the resulting file back to Pro--hoping to change this from a "selection layer" to a true layer.  This does not seem to change the behavior.


I'm not sure what I am missing--it seems like a common use for this data.  Any ideas?