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ArcGIS PRO Multiple Issues after 2.3 Update

Question asked by shlousek on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by jbritton25

I'm seeing a number of issues after updating to 2.3.  At this rate I'm tempted to just have tech support "watch" on a screen share because the list keeps growing.  Here is what I've observed this morning:


1.  Opening and save times seem to be very slow.  I have observed an opening time of over 3 minutes for a project with two simple layouts open.  I haven't recorded how long things are taking to save, but its definitely longer than before the update.  I have been opening my project frequently - see item #3 below. 


2.  When I save my project the spinning circle disappears and I don't know when the save is complete. This seems intermittent. The circle appears when I first open a project and save but after that sometimes it disappears and other times it works as it should. 


3.  Crashes.  I have experienced 3 crashes in 2.5 hours of work time.  I looked for .dmp reports in the usual place but there are none. 


4 Geo-processing.  I have only used the Clip tool but it seemed to take quite a while, (several seconds), for the tool to open. ArcMap Clip opens much faster. 


5. Legend. When I move the legend on my layout it jumps back to the original location on the first attempt.  The second time I move it, it moves correctly