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Minimize changes in bus routes with Network Analyst

Question asked by stanyys on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by MMorang-esristaff

Hi there.


I have a bus route dataset with many overlapping bus routes. When I run the route solvers, ArcMap tends to recommend multiple bus changes (e.g. service 12 > service >10 > service 5 > service 32 > service 111). In my local context, however, most people will only take one single bus service to the point of destination. This problem arises because of the dense bus service routes covering the area.


Is there a possible way to restrict the network dataset to maintain a maximum of one (or two) bus transits? One possible way I was thinking of was to add additional impedance (e.g. 10 mins) when the software detects that the fromEdge bus service (as an attribute) is not equal to the toEdge bus service. However, I am unsure how to do that.


Any advice would be much appreciated!