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Flood Plain Delineation Stream from Point not Producing 3d Line Raster

Question asked by jtaylorovrdc on Jan 30, 2019

Hello, I'm working on mapping a flood plain in a flood prone area. I have collected the data necessary (DEM, river feature, and gauge data), compiled it into a TimeSeries table, snapped the gauges to the line, and ran the Stream WSE from Point tool. The tool ran fine, I believe, however, the Line Raster did not appear in my catalog view. I found the file saved in another folder through the Results tool and uploaded it. Something must have went wrong, because it had to reconstruct pyramids and then showed everything as the exact same value. Obviously, this isn't correct, so where did I go wrong?


In addition, I'm interested in figuring out how to make the Flood Plain Delineation from gauge point using two gauges on the same river if anyone can advise me on that subject as well, it would be much appreciated. 


If it helps, I came to work on this from this page:… 




Floodplain delineation using ArcHydro models for multiple gauge stations – Problems and Solutions 


The Collett document at the bottom was particularly helpful. thanks for any help you can provide.


Additional information from further work:

I'm not sure this was always the error code, but I'm getting "WARNING 001003: Datum conflict between input and output."


I've checked the different spatial reference systems and all the same. What would I do to go about fixing this at this point? I'm really quite stuck and not sure where I went wrong. This is a cross-post from ArcHydro's page