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Finding Shorthest Routes from one point to all others ?

Question asked by 20800563 on Jan 29, 2019
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Hi all,


I have lat and long information for 234 locations and I have shapefile of the route network. I am trying to obtain shortest path from each location to all other locations.


For instance for location 1, I would like to find shortest path from location 1 to 2, location 1 to 3, location 1 to 4 ....... location 1 to 234. I want to repeat this for each points.


I have tried to do this in ArcMap with OD cost matrix but the output was a straight line . I would like to obtain routes like I obtain by using "new route analysis".


Is there a way to obtain routes instead of straight line in ArcMap, or by using python?


Thank you so much !