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Pre-populating geopoint based on criteria for web app

Question asked by Kyle.Kaskie on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by Kyle.Kaskie

I have made a couple attempts at creating surveys which contain a geopoint that populates for known designated areas and is left open for the user for non-designated areas.


1. My first attempt included the use of "pulldata" and a .csv file. This worked great until you go to use the web app and an error is produced "FormLogicError: instance "itemsets" does not exist in model". Based on a previous answered question, I tried reformatting and other suggestions with out any luck.


2. My second attempt included using a workaround and using locations within the choice list to pull the geopoint. This also worked until you go to use it in the web app. Everything appears to check out until you look at the recorded data as of which the geopoint does not record the locations of the selected designated areas. 


So the question is what maybe the best approach to this as it does appear to have worked for others. And is there something I am overlooking.