Calculating network distance in meters when working in decimal degrees

Discussion created by ali50 on Feb 22, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2011 by bpdurand
Hi All,

Some time ago I managed to set up a network that is calculating network distance in meters, when I am working in a map file and from a source geodatabase that are both in decimal degrees.     I have manually measured road distance in a sample of calculated lengths and it seems quite accurate.  I am working on a national Australian data set so don't want to have to change to projected data if I can possibly help it.

Now I can't for the life of me work out how I did it in order to replicate it with a new network.   I've tried all combinations of attribute setting to try and do it but all my street network paths in OD matrices and closest facility calculations are coming out in decimal degrees.  I am sure I am doing something fundamentally stupid but can't work out what.

My original network that is calculating fine in metres is somehow managing to do it off the shapefile length which is in decimal degrees.

I know its generally regarded as highly unprofessional to grovel, but if any of you NA fanatics out there can help, please do so before I go absolutely, completely, irretrievably insane. (beg, plead, grovel ... )

Cheers -