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Portal for ArcGIS 10.5.1: Extremely Slow Performance

Question asked by SJehle on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by SJehle

I'm currently trying to troubleshoot an issue with an internal, highly available Portal environment and have hit a wall. After some weekend patching on our virtual machines hosting Portal on 1/26, the performance for Portal completely tanks and it doesn't matter which part of this site. Web applications take around 10-15 minutes to load even. When even trying to hit the "../arcgis/sharing/rest" endpoint it takes upwards of 10 seconds, which did not happen before the patching.There only seems to be an issue with Portal. Our federated ArcGIS Server environment seems to return results after it takes some time to validate against Portal. The current setup is:


OS - Windows Server 2016

HA web adaptors (load balancer in front; IWA enabled for portal) 

HA Portal 10.5.1 (no patches at the moment)

HA Mapping Server Federated

HA Host Server (federated)


We have about 2500 users within the environment. I found a blog post that sounded similar to my issue:


Unfortunately, this did not resolve the issue. I haven't seen anything in the logs, but I'm going to change the log level this evening when users are out to try and find more information. Has anyone every come across a similar issue? We will be removing the secondary machine from the site and seeing if the performance improves. We have observed anything out of the ordinary in the event logs either.