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Cruise point Generator for ArcGIS pro

Question asked by jeff.t.hill_TNDOF on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by Dan_Patterson

*This topic has been posted before but not for ArcGIS Pro*


I want to recreate the cruise point generator for older versions of ArcMap in ArcGIS Pro. For those who aren't familiar, timber cruises are a series of regularly spaced sample points used for forest inventory. Some of the complications are that foresters like to use chains instead of a reasonable unit, and like to stick to their grid as much as possible (by rotating it etc). 


The old workflow was something like this: create fishnet, clip by polygon, realize you don't have the correct number of points or their locations are off and start over. 


How (and in which environment - model builder, python, add-in) would you go about creating a tool that allows users to put in their grid spacing in chains (or other units), rotation angle, and polygon boundary to generate points?


PS I am fairly new to this kind of work and trying to teach myself as I go.

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