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Building height

Question asked by aadttl on Jan 27, 2019


I'm trying to solve the following task - find buildings' height for several buildings based on its shadows. After some research I've found that it could be done with ArcGIS Pro (using  Mensuration tab and corresponding Base To Top Height tool, Measure feature height in imagery—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop ).

As far as I understand to perform this operation I need raster maps (for default maps like 'World Imagery' Mensuration is not active).

So I want to demonstrate this functionality to my client. My questions are:

1. Can you point me to the available in ArcGIS Pro trial version map sources/layers  that can be used to demonstrate building's height measurement using shadows?

2. Are there any alternative options to do what I need (other products/tools)?


Or maybe I do this in a wrong way?


Thank you,