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Upgrade to 2.3, now a ten sec. delay on every right-click, super slowness...any ideas?

Question asked by aug_aug on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by D.Orlando

Title says it all, 2.2.4 was finally working okay - it's speeds were tolerable and I was considering making the move to Pro, then I installed the 2.3 update and now everything is super slow, unworkable super slow, like I right click on a map layer and it takes 10 sec. for the items in the dialogue box to become selectable, meaning I right click anything in Pro and stare at my options while they are greyed out for 10 sec. and then I can select say "r-click > Properties" for example. 


Does anyone have any suggestions before I revert back to 2.2.4? All I did was apply the update and then check "run as administrator" on the program, those are literally the only two changes to the software/my machine - that was so I could actually clone my Python environment...but that's a different issue with this update. Ugh