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Utility Network without Portal

Question asked by robb_hodges on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2020 by TomLHolz

Will it ever be possible to use the utility network without installing and maintaining Portal? Initially, the idea was to bring the geometric network to Pro...that didn't work, so the utility network was created. Then I was told that it would be released to Portal first, with the plan of being available via AGOL at a later date. Now, I'm hearing that it will never be fully integrated with AGOL. Is that true?


If so, does that mean that in order to have that network connectivity that a geometric network allows, all utilities will have to install and maintain Portal? What does that do to small utilities that don't have the infrastructure for that? I really wouldn't mind using Pro more often, but it seems like for those of us in the utility field, outside of using portal, we've kind of been left behind. At some point, arcmap will be a thing of the past. That day worries me quite a bit.