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TLS 1.2 requirements for Visual C++ interface with ArcGIS Engine/ArcObjects

Question asked by skutz on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by randall_williams-esristaff

Our commercial product is an MFC application that interacts with ArcGIS Engine and ArcObjects using unmanaged Visual C++ code.


Esri refers users to the page for information on required changes to support TLS 1.2.


Unfortunately, the topic on that page for "ArcGIS Desktop/Engine" only addresses the Engine interfaces for Java, Python, and Linux.


It specifically omits any mention of the requirements for the Visual C++ use of ArcGIS Engine and ArcObjects, which is the environment for our commercial product.


While our product itself does not make any use of ArcGIS Online, we are aware several of our customers download *.lyr files from ArcGIS Online to display as background layers within the ArcGIS Engine MapControl (such as the World_Imagery.lyr and World_Street_Map.lyr files).


We simply pass the name of the *.lyr file to the IMapControlDefault::AddLayerFromFile() method and ArcGIS Engine handles the rest of the processing to load the new layer into the MapControl ActiveX control.


We are trying to understand the TLS 1.2 requirements for a product that uses the Visual C++ interface with ArcGIS Engine and ArcObjects.


Any insights or links to available documentation we have missed will be appreciated.