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NVIDIA Quatro P1000 optimization settings for ArcGIS 10.3 Desktop. 

Question asked by pickusj on Jan 24, 2019

Not sure if this is right spot to post, but I'm USAF Pentagon...

Running ArcGIS 10.3 on gov't desktop.  NVIDIA Quatro P1000 video card (driver 412.16), but I don't see it being used (GPU) @ ArcMap/Catalog/etc.  Especially using Spatial Analyst Viewshed2 modeling.  I have a DoD help desk request to install latest driver (391.33), but I believe configuration is incorrect anyway.  What are the correct/best configuration options for this card? Do I need administrator authority to modify? Also, cannot find registry key TdrDelay to modify.  Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance.