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Question asked by louiszook on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by tkowal

Good Evening All. I am currently working on a project and trying to figure out something. I have asked my contacts with in my agency, however they are unsure either.


So let me explain my layer and it's fields and then what I'm looking at


So my main layer is a point feature layer. Marking locations that have been visited.

Fields: Location Name, Point of Contact, Address, Total Visits, How Friendly


and then I have a table that is called Visits.

Fields: Location, Date of Visit, Friendliness


I want to calculate the fields "Total Visits" and "How Friendly" based on the table.

For "Total Visits," i want it to count how many time the location shows up in the table "Visits."

For "How Friendly," I want to sum up the total amount for that location on the table "Visits" and then divide it by "Total Visits"


The idea is the employee would add a new visit via a form. and then it would update the table.. then when the map is displayed, the map would show the most recent information using the query/calculate from the table in the feature layer.


Please help.





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