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Unable to synchronize replica

Question asked by jakethepainter on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by Nicoll.Kristy@jdirving.com_jdi

I have a very perplexing problem.  I have a hosted feature with 6 layers and a related table (just related to one of them). I have a web map that I open in Collector (new version).  I have created multiple offline areas on my iPad (ios 12).


I have no problem creating the caches.  And at first when I start creating data and syncing, everything seems fine. But at some point I start getting an error "Unable to synchronize replica. Sync replica internal error".  This is with no local edits, just bringing down changes from the parent.


If I delete the offline area from the device and create a new one, it creates just fine, but the first time I try to sync, even with no local edits, having done nothing but create the cache, the sync fails.


What's even weirder is that some of the caches continue to sync successfully, and some do not.  Even when they are in the same geographic area (seeming to rule out a data issue).


I am under a tight timeline to deploy this mobile project and am really worried about this behavior.