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Sync Offline Map Issues ?

Question asked by Kacy.Beck@fecc.coop_FECCGIS on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by TJones-esristaff

I have an Enterprise user who is trying to Sync 11 points from an offline map (On Device) on his iPad, but receive the error "Username or password is invalid. Enter valid credentials for map layer "" " and a prompt to enter Username and Password below. Have never ran into this problem before.

I've tried:

- logging out and back in multiple times

- double checking the layer that is trying to Sync is indeed Syncable, along with all the other layers in the map

- trying to log in with a non enterprise admin account within our organization in the prompt 

- having him change his password

- following along Sync asks you to "Enter valid credentials for map layer.." 

- already on a good wifi connection

- enable editing on all layers in the map (really prefer not) 


Not having any luck so far,

Any help or advice on this?