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Altitude Values with ArcGIS Collector (Classic)

Question asked by LanceCole on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2019 by LanceCole

We are using a high accuracy GPS (Leica GG04 plus) with an iPAD and obtaining high accuracy corrections via the State VRS network.  The system has worked great and data has been within a few centimeters for X and Y data for the data collected this past summer.  We recently converted the Altitude values to elevations and noted errors began to occur midday on July 5th of 2018.  This was about when we believe we upgraded to version 18.0.2 of Collector and/or a new iOS version.  As you look though the data Altitude values appear to repeat in the collected data despite being of sufficient elevation change to be a new value.  We have tickets in with both ESRI and Leica but they have not been able to repeat this issue.  We do not have the issue with the newest Collector for ArcGIS (18.1.0) just the Classic versions (18.0.2 and 18.0.3).


Has anyone else seen the tendency when using a high accuracy GPS with Collector?


I have attached an excel file that has a sample of our data before and after July 5th.  There is a marked increase in repeated altitude values (highlighted) after 7/5/2018 17:22 staring at row 463 on our sample data.  It almost appears as the altitude values are not updating when posting.