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Is left-inner-join not working with JoinDataSource ?

Question asked by skerdreux on Jan 22, 2019



Using JS Api with JoinDataSource I did not succeed to do a left-inner-join.

On my left table I had 153 features

On my right table I had 51 features


however when I did a join data source I had 153 features with (102 null join value).


"query":"select * from cofiroute.arcgis.Alea where alea =2 and idalea in (1028,...,1180)",


My table rightTableSource is correct (I create a dynamic layer to verify it and I had 51 features).

If i changed to left-outer-join I had the same results.


I found this previous question over Geonet but the solution is a little bit tricky because I must use this joindatasource with another joindatasource.

JS API JoinDataSource - JoinType 


Any idea ? 


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