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Question asked by gisetc on Jan 17, 2019
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Due to a short development timeline and the login to education group's organization account, I was forced to create a sizable story map in my online organization account. It worked perfectly and then I used the AOA to copy the map over to the customer organization account. Initially it showed no errors. I now find two things:


1. I have Vimeo videos that use Story Actions and are clicked on in the side pane and then run on the Main Stage. I am trying to add one more video after the fact and I get an error code "Video not Found". That is curious because if I paste the link into a web browser, it pops up and can be played. All other Vimeo videos that were previously added into the story map work perfectly and this new video is from the same collection.


2. The story map now will intermittently display that it has errors that may be seen by the end user. I have tested it in Incognito and on a separate computing device and it appears to be fine. However, then it will randomly check for errors and find that it has errors. When it does find errors, it looks like it could be some of the images that I uploaded through the story map (not uploaded into My Contents). Do images uploaded through the story map travel with the story map? 


I am concerned that I will have to recreate the entire story map but hoping that I will be spared that by refreshing the map or? This is several days worth of work. Help?


Thank you!