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Percentage overlap between years (as polygons)

Question asked by gaiuswilson on Jan 17, 2019
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I have GPS locations for 5 animals, over two years (so over 6000 points). Using the minimum bounding geometry tool, I have been able to create polygons (MCP) for each month for each individual over the two years. What I want to do is calculate the area overlap for each month from different years. So for example animal ID1, I want to calculate the percentage of area overlap in January 2017 and January 2018, Feb 2017 and Feb 2018…etc., In some cases there will be no overlap


Using the INTERSECT tool, and to calculate for one or two months or individuals, it can be done manually. How would I do it for numerous animals over numerous years? What tool do I need to use and how would I specify this so that ArcMap (or QGIS) understands to take Jan 2017 and compare it with Jan 2018 and give me the area overlap (percentage)? I’ve tried model builder too but I don’t see how I can specify which 2 fields (month and year of one and compare with same month but different year) / features to take into consideration for the analysis. I also can’t figure out how to calculate the percentage. 


Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.