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Distance between structures; Guatemala

Question asked by clairek24 on Jan 17, 2019

I need to measure the nearest distance between structures in several communities in rural Guatemala. I have ran into several issues:

A shapefile of the structures in these communities would be ideal (like the one that StreetMap produces), but I cannot find it. I was thinking I could create polygons from a raster image. The basemap image in Pro is not the best quality and some houses are blocked by clouds. The satelite image on Google Maps is better quality but I could not download to ArcGIS Pro. A last resort would be to manually draw the polygons and then use a tool to measure the nearest distances between the houses but this would be time consumming as there are 500+ houses.



Is there a shapefile available? If that is not available, a recommendation for the following: 1. a good quality raster image for rural Guatemala; 2. the best tool to turn a raster image into polygons? Is this worth doing (I have not run this before)? 


Is there an easier solution that I could try that I have overlooked?


I am using ArcGIS Pro Version GIS 2.2.4


Thank you in advance for your help!