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Synchronization for offline edition is not working for ArcGIS Runtime application

Question asked by ewanetcompanycom on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by minerjoe

We created a desktop application with the usage of ArcGIS Runtime for .NET


We are testing application on development environment and a separate on test environment. 


To make offline edition available in runtime desktop application we set all necessary requirements:


  • Global Id available
  • Sync option available when publishing
  • Versioning available for the feature class that offline edition is referring to.


I also select option to create version for each offline map when publishing:



The problem is that synchronization for the offline edition is working on a development environment but it’s not working on the test environment.


For the test environment, only first download of gdb file for the offline edition is working but synchronizing changes is not working (delta changes).


I notice one difference in when I’m listing version in ArcMap:


  1. For a development environment version looks like this:


You can see replicas are created correctly for every version on downloaded gdb. 


2. For the test environment it’s like this:



Replicas are created from dbo.DEFAULT version(only one example of creating a separate version), which in my opinion is not correct.

Synchronization for this environment is not working.


I don't know if this is related to the lack of synchronization, but it's the only difference I found between those two environments.


How to change creating a version from every downloaded map in a different way than from published service properties?

Why it's working differently (with the same settings)?


Or maybe synchronization is not working for another reason?


Please help!