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SceneView lock camera on SetView

Question asked by mangoyoga on Jan 17, 2019
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When performing SceneView.SetViewpoint with a viewpoint without camera details, the scene snaps to 2D view where the camera looks straight down. What I'm looking at, is the ability for the user to toggle a lock of the camera orientation when performing SetView operations.


Scenario 1:

When synchronizing the scene with a MapView, and I navigate the MapView, I imagine it might be interesting to keep the camera at the same angle and heading as before the operation.


Scenario 2:

Having found "the perfect camera angle", and I i.e. zoom to a vehicle in some list outside of the map itself, I would like to keep the current camera orientation.


I'm not sure if this is some crackpot developer idea that doesn't go well with real life usage, or if the idea has some merit. Before I dig too deep, I would love to get some feedback if it makes sense at all


Known issues:

- Avoid ending up with for example a 45 degree angle horizon

- Ending up inside of mountains or buildings (might be able to recover by getting camera point elevation, and Elevate until I'm at a safe distance?)

- Avoid synchronize camera adjustments after SetViewpoint back to the MapView (scenario 1)

- Probably can't do this when zooming to an envelope

- Inconsistensies in behavior (see previous issue)