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Count trips at stops. Unexpected results

Question asked by torbjorn.boe_asplanviak on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by MMorang-esristaff

Hi. When I run count trips at stops the results seems to give unexpected low number of trips if a generic weekday is used, and unexpected high number of trips if a spesific weekday is used. This offcourse allso gives a big difference in number of trips per hour. Its hard to know if this is correct results or due to some error. I have tried to use the python package gtfstk to check for errors, and feed.check_routes() gives an error for many routes, with the comment 'Invalid route type; maybe has extra space characters'. Don’t really know if this could be an issue affecting the result. My data has both calendar.txt and calendar_dates.txt. I have not registered any complaints about non-overlapping calendar dates. Any suggestion to the cause (maybe it is to be expected?) or further search for errors is much appreciated