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Trouble getting Collector for Android to use GPS location from Trimble R8

Question asked by BPoole23 on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by AaronAE

So, this is my first time using the Collector app. I've created a map to test on which I can open and edit in the Collector App. But, I can't get it to work using my Trimble R8 Model 3 as the location provider. 


I first downloaded GNSS Status from Trimble and connected to the receiver. The receiver connects to this, I changed my "Mock Location" settings in my phone to reference the GNSS Status app. But, anytime I open Collector, or Trimble DL apps GNSS Status immediately gives me a notification that it lost its connection to the receiver.


Now, back to Collector. When I open up my map and have my location provider in the app set to my phones intergrated GPS it works fine, but the precision only goes down to ~15 feet, so I don't think the mock location is working to provide the accuracy from the receiver to Collector.

When I change the location provider in Collector to the Trimble receiver, the GPS location doesn't show up at all (no location or precision). 


Am I missing a setting or anything that needs to be configured differently for this to work?


I also downloaded GNSS Direct from Trimble. From other resources online it seemed like this was necessary for my phone to pair with the receiver at all, is this correct?