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Has anyone got this ArcGIS Server log error and know what it means?: Failed to perform Ownership-based access control and date transformation on delta database    

Question asked by gheintz on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2020 by MMathias-esristaff

When I edit a Feature Service (line feature class) directly in ArcMap I go through the following steps:

1.)  Create Local Copy for Editing

2.)  Start editing, delete hundreds of line features, save edits, and stop editing

3.)  Synchronize Local Edits with Server


When I do these steps the following error message appears:


When I go to ArcGIS Server Manager and look at the error message it reports the following:


Has anyone experienced this error?  Is this an ArcMap or ArcGIS Server BUG for 10.6.1.  We are currently running 10.6.1 for ArcGIS Server, ArcMap, and SDE Database.  


FYI - When small edits are done with the same process above, it will sometimes sync back local edits with server successfully, but not always.